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Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions

Are you looking for an appropriate digital nervous system for your organisation?

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) comprises all technologies for the recording, management, storage, preservation and provision of documents and content, to support organisational processes. This involves far more than proven software for process control, document management (DMS) or digital archiving. With extensive expertise and many years of experience, Advellence realises individual ECM projects.

Our services include consulting, requirement analysis, selection of the right components, integration with existing IT systems, implementation and the technical interface between business and technology.
We thereby think in processes. So together with you we guide the employees towards a tailored solution. Because therein lies the efficiency of your sustainable business success!

Our services:

Do you want to collect, provide, visualise and verify information on modern portals? Do you have to distribute information and reports in automatic processes and thereby connect different systems and simplify data management? External web portals are effective communication platforms for specific selected users and defined user groups. Intranets create an internal basis for lean and efficient processes. The interactive solutions are fast, easy, consistent and cost-effective. They reduce media disruption and thus reduce sources of error and multiple data acquisitions. As a partner for individual customer intranet and extranet solutions, Advellence places particular emphasis on integration. We create simple, intuitively operated portals that communicate with different systems. Our solution supports the modern ‘information worker’ across all processes and different systems holistically in their daily work.

Do you have specific needs in terms of electronic cooperation in the areas of communication, coordination, cooperation, appointment management and project and document management? Are you looking for a comprehensive solution for electronic and networked collaboration throughout the value chain?Together with you, Advellence will design a suitable collaboration environment. Microsoft SharePoint  thereby proves to be an appropriate basis for the electronic exchange of information, cooperation in decentralised work groups or virtual teams as well as the control of processes. For our customers we realise intranet and extranet portals, internal and external exchange platforms and subject specific applications (apps) for electronic collaboration or knowledge management and integrate existing platforms and solutions or external systems and services such as SAP for comprehensive process control. We thereby have ways and means to quickly and cost-effectively make solutions live.

Are you fighting against huge amounts of unstructured information in your company? How do you manage documents, e-mail messages, videos, web page content, recorded voice messages, pictures, photos of employees, applicants’ dossiers and much more?Using a system for document management (DMS), you solve several items quickly, efficiently and sustainably. Information is stored in a structured form and managed clearly. Full-text searches with and without rule filters allow the fast and specific location of information. Authorised users immediately recognise the status of a document and the record of who carried out what action and when. As a partner for classic internal solutions, but also for web based solutions, together with you we will develop a location-independent system for exchanging documents. Furthermore Advellence has the special expertise to seamlessly integrate your DMS into SAP and Microsoft environments.

E-government means using digital information and communication technologies to increase the efficiency of administrative processes. The results are faster decision-making based on better information, more effective implementation and effective monitoring of the effects. Online offers reduce the administrative burden and the burden on employees. Added value is generated through better bases for decisions and greater citizen friendliness. With Advellence you gain an experienced partner for consulting, realisation and implementation from a single source. We will gladly inform you about successful projects that we have carried out together with the federal, municipal and cantonal offices. Through the use of standard technologies, we keep the effort required low and ensure a high degree of user-friendliness!

Do you want to permanently store processes, which are excluded from the current consulting and processing? Are you looking for an economical and safe solution for long-term archiving? Advellence provides you with all-round support in establishing your digital archive. On the basis of Microsoft SharePoint, ELO Digital Office and other intelligent tools, we also implement complex individual requirements.
For you we consider:

  • Overview of the database
  • Ability to provide information on the records
  • Statutory retention periods
  • Automatic separation
  • Long-term archiving on inexpensive media

With the expertise from numerous, large and small projects, we consult you on your requirements and then ensure the technical implementation. So you receive a solution from a single source!

Do you want to define new standards in dealing with business information and use transparency as a success factor with respect to investors, shareholders, creditors, the legal authorities and your auditors?
For internal compliance and external governance processes, we create a handy and audit-proven environment for correct archiving, depending on document type. We integrate the functionality of the leading software ELO, coupled with automated processes and interfaces to SAP into an appropriate solution.
However, Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) is not only a tool question. All the better that Advellence knows the rules and standards for companies from many successful projects. With standard products and integration skills we achieve the appropriate price and the right services!

Our partners: