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Microsoft Silverlight

Does your company use applications based on Microsoft Silverlight? You need to convert them to HTML5 because:

  • Latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox do not support Silverlight.
  • Microsoft Edge, the preset-browser of Windows 10 does not support Silverlight.
  • Silverlight does not run on mobile devices or tablets (iOS, Android).
  • Microsoft will stop supporting the Silverlight-plugin which means that security gaps in older browser versions will not be fixed.
  • Developers with specific know-how will be hardly available.

Microsoft recommends to convert Silverlight application to HTML5. But: a direct transformation is not possible. Ask us! As a Microsoft partner we specialized in Silverlight as well as in HTML5. We give advice and support you through the whole process of the migration and guarantee a seamless conversion of your applications.

The new HTML5 application can be developed and used while your system is still working - so no data migration or downtime will occur.

Workshop Migration to HTML5

In a free, half-day workshop, we offer companies an individual analysis of their applications. Together with the internal IT department, we determine which processes are necessary to ensure a smooth migration to HTML5.

Agenda of the workshop:

  • Application analysis at business level: Functions of the previous application
  • Architecture and code analysis: Which components have been used so far?
  • Feasibility analysis: How can a future application look like?
  • Implementation proposal: Out-of-the-box solution (C # / XAML) or reprogramming of the front end




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