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Methodological expertise

Are you looking for a reliable partner who professionally brings your project to a successful conclusion using modern methods? Are you looking not only for technical knowledge, but a wealth of experience in many areas?

Advellence employs experienced staff with many special expertise that have wide-ranging skills and key qualifications. As a learning company, we thereby focus on on-going training and certification in modern working methods.

Thus we ensure the professional and competent handling of technical knowledge, assignments and project-technical challenges. We form the best team with the right expertise for your task.

Our services:

Do we correctly understand our customers’ requirements for quality and functionality as well as the constraints? Do we speak the same language in IT and business?
Advellence supports every project with systematic requirements engineering and management that meets the requirements of the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB). Certified consultants with appropriate personal and professional qualifications increase the clarity and transparency in sequential or agile (scrum) projects.
Advellence ensures that the specifications of a project always correspond to the actual requirements.

Do you suspect that your business processes are not as efficient or run smoothly as they should? Do you have specific requirements that you would like to see implemented?
With their combination of business knowledge and organisational experience, our employees find the right way to structure and optimise your processes. Only in the second step, do we then take care of the technical tools to handle your business processes effectively.
Specific sector experience in industry, services and trade, as well as many areas of public administration give you the assurance that we design your processes according to best practices at the peak of technological progress.

Do you want to successfully design innovative processes, ensure a good climate in the project team, avoid uncertainty in a team or defuse conflict situations?
Project managers from Advellence understand what is part of project contract and can assess the impact from a corporate, personal, organisational, technical and technological point of view.
With certified training (Scrum, Hermes, IPMA) in special project organisations, they manage, as required, to create jobs and ground rules for the team and to implement them.
Project managers from Advellence assume the full implementation, the total or partial project management as well as the turnaround management of critical projects for you.

To provide our customers with perfectly functioning, high-quality software, new and existing functionalities are tested intensively and extensively.
With our techniques and strategies we can test your applications faster and with better focus. Test planning, test designs and test models are fixed components of our practice in the area test management and test standards.
Unit tests during the development process, and integration and system tests before the commissioning of the new application ensure high quality and prevent software errors.

Quality assurance is an important part of a software development project.
In order to ensure the acceptance and the further project progress, effective measures for quality monitoring and quality inspection must be implemented and conflicts avoided.
With our expertise, we use the right tools, thereby increasing the satisfaction of our customers. Audits, process descriptions and test scenarios are an integral part of our methods and ensure project success.